(YEEEES XD) Now for Ms. Delight. Whoever can play her role?

Someone who’s really sweet, yet REALLY crazy… Hmm…

Maybe Happy? His crazy size could be Hademon trying to erupt out and Happy always tries to keep him confined?

Double’s Friends - Hoe

Here’s the last of Double’s best friends: the once fashionista, now slut Hoe. (Name pronounced to rhyme with Zoe.)

No one knows why she decided to go from fashion singer star to slutty stripper, but that’s what she did. She owns many stripper outfits, smokes, does alcohol, and has a LOT of sex. Guess you could say she’s a mix of Mean Zoe and Sexy Penny Ling: one of the worst combinations out there. However, she still has her same Zoe Trent heart whenever she’s with Double and the rest of her friends. :3

YES! AND DREW IS EMO!! XD (Then he imagines Vil making out with him and Nil sucking his d**k)


Emo: C’mon, you’re straight, you’re straight! You’re emo, therefore you are straight!

Yeah!! Now next is those two twins. (It's funny yet too yuri hot at the same time.)

Umm… Hmm… How about AUG!Vinnie and AUG!Sunil? Or Vin and Nil?

…Yeah, I dunno. XD

(Yes! XD)

Mean Zoe? (Oh my God, I now imagine Sexy Penny seeing you for the first time, blushing then she imagines you and her having a hot lesbian make out then you licking her p***y)

Mean Zoe sounds like a pretty good match-up! :D


There you go, we have our Penny!! :D Now next is Scarlet.

Yay~ ^^

As for Scarlett… Hmm… How about…

I dunno, do we have anyone who’s really snotty and bitchy?

(Yes) And that's the kind of attitude Penny would have! :D

I guess you’re right~

Also, I do tend to cry a lot, I like to break out into song at random times, I have a bit of a temper, I’m a liiiiittle shyer than Penny, though, and I’m allergic to the C word.

(Aw, thanks…~)

This might sound strange but do you have/ had today headache/tummy ache?

Well, I have a bit of a stomach ache now, but that was from eating too much hot sauce with my chicken sandwiches and eating too much candy. ^^;

Why do you ask?

Because, you're smart and pretty and you're that kind of person who would be a transfer student from a far away place. Besides, haven't you always wondered what it would be like take place in an OC thing.

Well, no, can’t say that I have wondered, but now that I am… It would be pretty damn cool to hang out with Russlob and DisMorded!

And you think I’m smart and pretty…? •///•

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