This perfectly summarizes why I love the Simpsons and hate Family Guy. 

While I don’t hate Family Guy (It really has pushed my buttons by falling on the wrong side of the funny/offensive line in recent episodes though), I really wish they’d realize that the abuse Meg is put through is not really funny.

I feel like Meg a lot…

Hey, don’t feel bad about that! The reason people probably hate seeing what Meg goes through is because we all have felt like Meg at one point! You’re not alone in feeling like Meg; hell, I’ve felt like Meg many, many times.

Just remember that you are better than whatever it is that’s making you feel like Meg, and you won’t feel like Meg forever. Someday, you’ll feel like… Stewie.

Yeah. Stewie has fun.



Art is hard and you never cease to learn something new everyday. There is no artist that hasnt encountered a wall, dont turn around, climb it. Believe you can.

I think i’m gonna cry


trying to see if your friend also likes yaoi


Shut your mouth you mediocre clarinet player


Pic of the Day for September 30th!  For some reason Miiverse has only updated in Japanese for today, so here’s a loose translation:

"Pic of the Day.  Your team color is shown in the border around your character!  We made the lines stay roughly the same size even if the camera is zoomed out so you can see it easily.  Here’s how it looks in the Wii U version!"


just the girly things

  • forcing an earing through a closed piercing
  • taking off tight clothes and rubbing the indents they left on your skin 
  • human sacrifice
  • homemade face masks 
If I were dating you - which I am - we'd probably be known as the cutest Internet couple. :3


Aren’t we already tho? :3

It’s official, then! We’re the cutest Internet couple! X3

If you and/or your friends took the place of the Mane 6, who would you all represent?


Twilight- Silky!

Fluttershy- Scribby!

Pinkie Pie- ME!

Rarity- Lu-Lu! (pastel-astronaut)

Applejack- Bizarre!

Rainbow Dash- Yoshie!

((Sunset Shimmer: Applesmith!))

((Spike: Firetail))

Sweet! Now I’m 20% cooler! :D

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